New 2015 ! South West Ethiopia Tour !

Mursi Ethiopie

A new tour to the origins of Man kind; the Omo river valley : from March 5th to 15th 2015.

  • 9 legs
  • 2000 kms and 75% off road.

Across Omo Valley, one of the remotest and fascinating area in Ethiopia

On dirt tracks and paved roads with low traffic through an untamed nature, splendid sceneries of mountains forests, lakes, canyons and savannah, crossing Kaffa region and its indigenous forests of coffee.

An extraordinary encounter with the last pastoralist African tribes being some of the remotest and ancient peoples of Africa; the Surma (Suri), Hamer, Karo…

Comfortable lodging with two nights camping at the edge of the West of Omo river. Register now !

South West Ethiopia