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Aventure Safaris team will be delighted and devoted to guiding you for a very uncommon tour adventure in Kenya, Tanzania, and Ethiopia, captivating destinations with a rich and unique diversity of landscape, environment and culture, all of which combine to give you a truly unforgettable travel experience. Enjoy motorcycle trips in a group with guide and support as you unwind from your normal day to day life.

North Kenya to South West Ethiopia

14 days adventure overland tour Northern Kenya - South West Ethiopia - Cradle of Mankind

North Tanzania

7 days Off Road North Tanzania – The Northern Lakes Tour

Coast of Kenya

7 days Ride wild coast Kenya – between Savannah and Indian Ocean

South West Kenya

8 days Dirt Bike South West Kenya – Great Rift Valley and Masai Mara Tour

North to Coast of Tanzania

8 days Dual Sport Adventure Tanzania – from North to Wild Mangrove Coast

South East Kenya

8 days Motorcycle Tour South East Kenya – The Kilimanjaro Masai Trail to Indian Ocean

North Kenya

9 days Off Road Northern Kenya – The Northern Lakes Tour

A la carte

A la carte Dual Sport Motorcycle Tours, incentive, off road riding training

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