14 days adventure overland tour Northern Kenya - South West Ethiopia - Cradle of Mankind

14 Day Tour


14 days on site on 12 stages from Nairobi to Addis Ababa through the great Rift Valley of the Horn of Africa Trails traversing a magnificent scenery of fertile high plateaus, lakes, volcanic mountains, semi-arid savannas and deserts passing by the banks of the Lake Turkana to the banks of the Omo River Extraordinary encounter with the last pastoral ethnic groups among the most remote and ancestral in Africa; Samburu, Rendilé, Gabbra, Turkana, Dassanech, Hamer, Karo, Mursi… Visit of the Sibiloi park where the origins of man are nestled Encounter guaranteed with an omnipresent wild animal fauna Variegated of comfort accommodation, bungalow and camp in the middle of nowhere.

Evolving strictly in areas where security prevails, where we maintain privileged relationships with the local populations who welcome us

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